Dear Benchmark Parents,

Do you know how many thoughts go through your brain EVERY DAY?

500? … NOPE.

5000? … NOPE.

…TRY 50,000 according to recent studies!

And guess how many of those are negative thoughts…

70% of them are believed to be negative!!

WHOA! This is based on a study of college business students … would you guess that a young girls’ brain (bombarded with social media, TV commercials, magazine covers, and marketing ads) have less negative thoughts? Or MORE?

My guess would be more! There are SO MANY NEGATIVE messages being sent our daughters’ way … that we MUST teach them the resiliency to CHOOSE the thoughts that they allow to take up residence in their brain, hearts, and lives.

Part of the problem is that you don’t even have to THINK negative thoughts … they come to us like endless chatter to our sub-conscious. These thoughts are often related to feelings of inferiority, lack of love/approval, and lack of control.

Ultimately these thoughts stem from FEAR:

“will I be good enough?”

“do people like me?”

“can I have a life the way I want it?”

There is an irony here, that our negative thoughts correlate with our desire and goals to have the best life possible… a life in which we we feel confident, are well-liked/loved, and have control over our outcomes/destiny.

So, what is going on? Can we combat the overwhelming majority of our thoughts each day?


And should!

Three HUUUGGGEEE reasons to choose your thoughts include:

  1. Better self-image – When you can identify your thoughts, and choose those that are uplifting, you view yourself through a less-critical lens and are able to appreciate the wonderful and unique qualities you possess. Which in turn helps you to carry yourself with more confidence and sense of worth.
  2. Better relationships – When you choose to focus on thoughts that bring you joy and happiness, you improve your outlook on life, which in turn makes you better able to connect with those around you including everyone from the grocery checker to your closest family members.
  3. Better healthResearch gives clear evidence that people who are happy and choose to focus on things that make them happy, live longer and experience better health than their peers. Who doesn’t want that (for themselves or their daughter)??

These are just three of the benefits of choosing your thoughts (positive thoughts) on a daily basis. (other benefits include lower stress and greater productivity).

Stay tuned next week for tips on HOW to choose your thoughts, now that I have convinced you it is a good idea!

xo- the original Benchmark Girl

PS… is your daughter between the ages of 8 and 18 and living in the C/U area? I am working on our fall schedule and would LOVE some feedback from you on this SURVEY. THANKS in advance for your help!

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