Dear Benchmark Parent,

When your kid shares their impossible dream with you? When they say “I want to be President of the United States” or “I want to be a Olympic ice skater” or “I want to live on the moon” … how do you respond?

When they are 4 or 5 you probably nod and smile and give them a “sounds great buddy” … knowing that as they grow, they will come up with more “realistic” goal.

But what about when your daughter – in the 7th grade – who has hearing loss to boot — comes to you and says her goal is to play in the NBA?

If you are Tamika Catchings parents you say …”if anyone can do it, you can.”

WOW. #parentingwin

They said this long before the formation of the WNBA. Long before there was any viable proof that this goal would be attainable.

They choose to support her and encourage her – in spite of what may have seemed like insurmountable odds.

They watched as she practiced and played (after finish practice for whatever other sport she was playing that season)

Faith. Her parents had faith in her. In her goals. In her discipline and her personal drive to meet her goals.

And she achieved her goal. She played for Pat Summit. She played for the WNBA. She earned gold medals.

Do you have faith in your daughter and her dreams?

Make sure she knows it! Then help her develop the discipline and work ethic to achieve her goals. She is worth it.

xo – The Original Benchmark Girl

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