Dear Benchmark Girl,

In your day there are so many conversations!

  • Short and perfunctory – like with the guy/gal who takes your order at the counter for coffee. (grunts and pointing count as conversation, right?)
  • Deep and meaningful – like with your best friend about where you want to live when you are out on your own. (or what your next haircut should look like)
  • Necessary and useful – like when you work out your schedule for the day with your parents so everyone knows where to be at what time and what to bring (doughnuts … always bring doughnuts)

But there is ONE conversation that trumps ALL OF THESE.

It’s the conversation you have with yourself. It starts before your feet hit the ground and goes on

So often we let this conversation go willy-nilly… stressing us out and keeping us in a negative mind-set.

The only way to flip-the-script is to first …

ACKNOWLEDGE the conversation. Be aware of your thoughts and how they are affecting you from the moment you wake up. Recognize the feelings and thoughts you are having that you don’t verbalize — maybe consider WHY you aren’t verbalizing them.

and then…

CHOOSE the conversation. You DON’T have to think and dwell on every random thought that comes your way. Stop for a moment – and REALLY consider if what you are thinking is VALID, TRUE, and PRODUCTIVE to spend your precious thoughts on.

At first, doing these two things can take a lot of time, energy, and will-power… but the more you do it, the easier it becomes to CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS.

FUNNY STORY: I literally turned to my reflection in the mirror right before leaving the house the other day and said OUT LOUD… “I love myself!” and then laughed.

I sounded so silly! But it was so true … I didn’t have to psych myself up to say it, or convince myself that it was true…

I have simply practiced choosing my thoughts enough that as I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, this thought just flowed out of my mouth and then gave me an extra boost of confidence as I strutted out the door.

Here’s to starting your most important conversation of the day on the right foot!

x0 – the Original Benchmark Girl!

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