August 2017

Each month after FGF, I think –

“WOW that was amazing! The girls were engaged and learning and asking great questions, and I think … there is NO WAY they can be more amazing than they were tonight … ”

and then EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH. they PROVE.ME.WRONG. They show up with an even BIGGER “A” GAME … more enthusiasm, more confidence, and more awe-inducing thoughts about life, friends, self-reflection … you name it!

For any families that are new to Fierce Girls, I hope you stick around to see what I mean! Your daughters are thoughtful and inquisitive young women, and when they are surrounded with other girls with similar attitudes and outlooks, the positive effects of their natural state are enhanced and multiplied in beautiful ways!

I am so eager for the day these girls are unleashed upon the world after having been a part of a group where they are encouraged by one another and nurtured through the tough spots and challenged to grow and face their fears each month!

ICYMI (In case you missed it) here’s what happened this month:

  1. Each month we do some “get to know you” and “catch up” activities – since the girls don’t come from the same schools, only see each other once a month, and we have newcomers, these are always fun times for the girls to encourage and support one another as they learn about their own similarities and differences! We love talking about the things that make us unique and also sharing in the bonds that are similar – all while emphasizing and reinforcing that there is no need for competition – we are here to lift each other up and celebrate each success of every size, shape and kind!
  2. We then GOT MOVING with our guest leader Ms. Kate Insolia! We warmed up our bodies talking about how EVERYONE IS A GREAT DANCER and using this affirmation several times throughout the exercise … THEY ARE GREAT dancers!! One of our movement activities included the mirror mirror exercise and we discussed what it means to be a good leader AND a good follower … and how at different times we need to do each of these! We ended our time with Kate by learning a choreographed routine that the girls ROCKED!!! I am so proud of all the effort and attention they gave to this fun activity!
  3. Finally we spent time with the “ENERGY BUS” by Jon Gordon  … there are FIVE RULES!
    1. Create a positive vision (sound familiar?? … Habit #2??)
    2. Fuel your ride with positive energy (#chooseyourthoughts & gratitude practices)
    3. No Bullies Allowed! (… and not just “bullies” in a traditional sense, but ANYTHING that can get you down and steal your joy.)
    4. Love Your Passengers (be EXTRA kind, be proactive, change the world)
    5. Enjoy the Ride (we haven’t gotten there yet, but this coincides with Habit #7!!)

If you haven’t had a chance to look at your daughter’s Energy Bus Journal, see if they would like to share it with you! Continual review of the rules and how we are applying them in life is a key to long term success!!

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