Proud to be Me! (Audrey)June 2017

Hello AMAZING Benchmark Moms!

Each month when I get to spend time with your amazing daughters – I feel like I am floating as I clean up and head home. I think this is what it feels like when you are doing something you are passionate about, that makes a difference.

I replay the stories they tell me, revealing their insights and tween wisdom. I remember the glimpses of vulnerable humor and moments of unbridled enthusiasm that they share with me and each other. I recall the looks of “aha” moments on their faces as they understand something for the first time. And I CHERISH the way they support and encourage one another on their quest to becoming the fiercest, most amazing version of themselves.

THANK YOU once again for sharing them with me – they are truly your greatest treasure and to have these times with them is my complete honor.

This month we…

  • were active outside as we shared joys, frustrations, and favorites through games and chatting.
  • empathized with one another as we shared the (sometimes) struggle of our current morning routines, and thought creatively about how to include some of the “Morning Miracle” habits into our routine with only 15 extra minutes (CHARMS acronym page – Creativity, Health, Affirmations, Reading, Meditation, Service)
  • considered what activities we SHOULD complete each day this summer – prior to screen time especially in light of our Habit #2 Summer Vision and Habit #3 Priorities, and made a checklist to help us remember!
  • Went ALL OUT on our Habit #2 by working on VISION BOARDS and discussing the importance of having dreams and goals as the first step towards making those dreams a reality. I encouraged them to hang their vision board somewhere where they see it each day and think of small things they can do to keep working towards their goals. They should also add to it as they see fit!
  • Reflected individually on how we each show our bravery! Pictures coming soon!

SIDE NOTE #1: If this was your daughters first FGF – I hope she enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having her! Keep an eye on your (snail) mailbox for her monthly copy of the Benchmark News!

SIDE NOTE #2: One of the girls asked if we were ever going to “get to the other Habits” – and the answer is YES! We are taking it slowly though b/s as someone who has worked to implement the 7 Habits into her life for many years, in addition to my background in teaching/pedagogy… I am aware that the repetition and continuing to work with each Habit in new and fresh ways strengthens the neural pathways and helps them to TRULY become Habits as opposed to something they “learned about once.” So the Focus on Habits #1 – 3 will continue as we build to habits 4 – 7! 🙂


I ALMOST FORGOT! We practiced our POWER POSING again!! This is a great tool for helping your daughter (and you) both FEEL and APPEAR TO OTHERS as more confident — especially when you are feeling shy or nervous. Ask your daughter about it, and watch the TED TALK!


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