Yoga by Lola GlowSEPTEMBER 2017

I’m not going to lie, every month leading up to Fierce Girls’ Friday … I get a little stressed.

– making sure the rooms are reserved

– prepping the snacks (double checking allergies)

– gathering materials for all of the activities

– collecting registration so I know who to prepare for

– making sure I have a babysitter for my kids

– thinking and re-thinking through the absolute BEST ways to communicate ideas to the girls …

the list.goes.on.and.on.and.on …

And then every month your daughters show up and they are AMAZING … and my stress melts away like butter.

+++ They shine, and they share, and they throw themselves into the activities.

+++ They search within themselves for new answers and meaning.

+++ They reflect on their own practices of Habits 1,2 & 3 (Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind and Keep First things First)…

+++ They are KIND to one another … and they share BRAVELY about their own lives, goals and dreams.

+++ They are OPEN to new thoughts, ideas, people, and experiences.

Seriously – you are raising amazing kiddos…

because I KNOW most adults are either incapable or unwilling to strike the tenuous balance of humility and pride that these girls exhibit month in and month out as we explore ways to navigate meaningful relationships with friends and family and the stresses of growing up, all while cultivating habits and mindsets that will serve them well for their entire life!

Thank you once again for sharing them with me!
Quick Recap from Friday night:
  • We had an amazing interview with KELLY HILL. She currently serves as the Director of Development at Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County. She was a women’s basketball coach at Nebraska and Western Illinois for 18 years, and she has raised two amazing daughters of her own!
      • ++ learn from EVERY experience
      • ++ TRAVEL – go see other places, and experience new things
      • ++ Title IX
  • Letters to Our Future Selves with Rachel Spencer, reflecting on how what they value will play into the future they envision for themselves. I hope your daughter shared hers with you!!
  • Movement with GLOW BY LOLA – although I have done some yoga and stretching with the girls before – this was the first time we had a professional! The girls LOVED it! Hope they showed you some of their moves!
  • 7 Habits – How do we spend our MONEY and our TIME? If we have a goal/vision for where we want to be … does how we are spending NOW (and on a daily basis) reflect that goal? VOCAB/THEMES: Budget, after school activities (and practice time), short and long term planning/goals
  • We concluded the evening with each girls sharing what being “FIERCE” meant to them – and they all had AMAZING answers! I encourage you to ask your daughter about her answer! <3



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