Teens, Be The Benchmark is a club designed uniquely for you!

Be The Benchmark

  • Understands your need for fun and relaxation.
  • Respects who you are RIGHT NOW and doesn’t tell you who you should be.
  • Doesn’t expect you to be perfect.
  • Cares about you as a person and what happens to you.
  • Knows that privacy, independence, and TRUE friendships are important to you.
Not everyone needs therapy, but everyone needs a confidant.

(con·fi·dant) noun a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.
That’s what Benchmark is here for.

Benchmark Girls Only Groups

popcornA club designed specifically for girls where a fun and supportive atmosphere intersects with learning confidence and communication skills that will improve all the relationships in a young girl’s life.

We eat popcorn, share our stories, laugh, support and encourage one another, learn about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and become the best version of ourselves and the best version of female friendship.

Benchmark 1:1 Coaching

bethebenchmark_teengirlJust call me a “non-mom mentor”.

I am in no way a replacement for the mother/daughter bond, but there are times and situations when talking with a trusted adult outside the family is helpful.

Through Benchmark 1:1 Coaching I provide a compassionate listening ear, accountability, and encouragement for girls to think about situations from a variety of angles.

I invest time that is individually focused on each girl’s unique situation, struggles, and goals, to help promote peace and unity within the family.

Ready To Be The Benchmark?

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Free Session

You can meet Erin for a coffee date to determine which Benchmark path is right for you! Click HERE to access her schedule.


Fearless Girls Friday - An evening of fun activities designed to help your daughter become a fearless, confident, assertive, goal-oriented and purposeful young woman! Click HERE for date and time.

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Text me (click here for my number) or catch me on Snapchat (benchmarkgirl).

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