Be The Benchmark is a girl empowerment club designed for you and your daughter!

Be the Benchmark

  • Understands your need to raise a confident daughter.
  • Respects and shares your belief in your daughter and her amazingness.
  • Cares about raising strong, fierce women.
  • Know that your daughter and her future are of utmost importance.
  • Desires for you to have a thriving and connected relationship with your daughter.


It can be a roller-coaster watching your precious baby girl grow into an unrecognizable semi-adult. At times she is lovely and charming and helpful, and with no warning at all she then becomes crabby and aloof and overly-private.

What is going on?

While there are no one-size-fits-all answers, Benchmark is here to help EVERYONE in the family through this time of transition.

For the Girls

Benchmark Girls Only Groups:

Meeting three – four times a month and providing a safe place where girls can feel free to be themselves, meet other awesome teens in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment, all while learning how to have and project more confidence, be better communicators, set and achieve personal goals, and resolve conflict more effectively. (We also eat snacks and have fun.)

Benchmark 1:1 Coaching:

These coaching sessions can happen as frequently as once a month or once a week or anywhere in between. In these private sessions, your daughter receives individualized attention for maximum growth and development as she navigates her specific brand of teenage angst. I listen as they vent and then gently challenge their views and help them seek out win-win solutions as they progress through the many challenges of teen-dom.

For the Moms

Benchmark Mod Squad Facebook group:

A free, safe on-line community for you! Our Benchmark Mod Squad Facebook group provides an outlet for moms in a non-judgmental and supportive community as we swap stories, great articles, crowdsource our current teen issues and brainstorm new ideas about how to raise strong daughters.

1:1 Coaching for MODs (Mothers of Daughters):

These meeting can happen as frequently as once a month or once a week or anywhere in between. In these private sessions I provide you first and foremost with a listening, non-judgmental, highly sympathetic ear. As a mom going through transitions with your daughter, you receive individualized attention and an impartial sounding board as you help her navigate the many ups and downs that jr.high and highschool bring.

Book Club:

Together we will explore and highlighting literature that features groundbreaking research into the lives, habits, and brains of teen girls.


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Ready To Be The Benchmark?

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Free Session

You can meet Erin for a coffee date to determine which Benchmark path is right for you! Click HERE to access her schedule.


Fearless Girls Friday - An evening of fun activities designed to help your daughter become a fearless, confident, assertive, goal-oriented and purposeful young woman! Click HERE for date and time.

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Text me (click here for my number) or catch me on Snapchat (benchmarkgirl).

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