Daily Benchmark Text Messages and Challenges

As part of the membership package, Erin sends out Daily Benchmark Text Messages and Challenges to the members to keep their mind’s focused on what is most important from the start of each day!


What kinds of text messages can I expect to receive?

Text messages will often be a famous quote or a small challenge linked with an article to read or video to watch. For example: One key to creating a life you love, is to love the life you already have. Flex your gratefulness muscle today!

How many will I get each day?

Text messages will come each morning (around 7:50 AM, Monday through Friday)


Can I respond to the text messages?

You can respond to the text message, and Erin will receive your message.


Can parents see the text messages too?

Each membership includes two numbers to text for this very reason – we want parents to know, understand and be involved in everything Benchmark Girls are learning!


I don't have a phone - is there an alternative?

Be the Benchmark/Erin Tarr will also “tweet” and Facebook message the text of the day – so everyone can be sure to glean the nugget of wisdom for the day, even without access to a cell phone.

Live Updates – Benchmark Text Messages

(Scroll through the messages using the small scroll bar under the word “remind”, and then click Load More.)

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