WHAT is Be the Benchmark all about?

Parents are concerned about their daughters growing up to be happy and healthy young women. Be the Benchmark designs events and experiences (like Fierce Girls’ Friday) to help girls  grow in confidence and learn habits that develop a healthy mind, body and spirit so you can enjoy – not dread – the teen years, and have a positive relationship with your amazing kid!


Be the Benchmark has taken on several different forms in the last 5 years …

FIRST I had a blog.

NEXT I held several short term (4 consecutive weeks) classes meeting at my home and Jupiter’s at the Crossing

THEN I tried a mail-order-leadership-for-girls membership where each week girls received some snail mail with affirmations and challenges and 7 Habits stuff and stickers, etc.

AFTER THAT I went back to offering some short-term classes

FINALLY I took a break … and had a baby…

ALL WHILE attempting to maintain the website/blog … and figure out the best way to accomplish the goal(s) of Benchmark as outlined above, still meeting with a few 1:1 clients regularly …

I KEPT PLANNING annual Day of the Girl Events (a movie screening at the Savoy 16, a STEM event at Urbana Independent Media Center, a GIRL POWER event at the Champaign Library, etc.)

all the while MEETING with a small group of high-school girls each week as well – to mentor them through the ups and downs of this confusing life-stage
I EVEN held a series of “Thursday Throwdowns” one summer where guest presenters came each week and we explored activities we might not otherwise be drawn to in art, writing, acro-yoga, martial arts, etc.
AND NOW… now I am SO HAPPY to celebrate the
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Fierce Girls’ Friday events on November 10th!

As you know from previous FGF updates, I LOVE LOVE LOVE each and every month having the opportunity to encourage and empower young girls as they blossom into the amazing individuals they were created to be, while helping to guide their thoughts towards gratitude and teach them habits that will lead to HUGE BENEFICIAL DIVIDENDS for their futures!


#CHAMBANAGIRLS are in for some major excitement in the next few years
with Be the Benchmark  (some of which I polled you on with last month’s FGF registration… but even more than that! STAY TUNED!)

I cannot wait to see your daughters embrace who they are in even bigger and more beautiful ways as they change the community in which we live through their own AMAZINGNESS!
… I would like to offer your daughter something as a THANK YOU for sharing her
love 
of Fierce Girls’ Events
and make NOVEMBER the biggest and best FGF yet!

  • BRING ONE NEW GIRL to November FGF and receive Benchmark Affirmation Magnet for locker or fridge!
  • BRING TWO NEW GIRLS to November FGF and receive magnet AND a FREE BENCHMARK T-SHIRT
  • BRING THREE OR MORE NEW GIRLS to November FGF and receive magnet AND T-Shirt AND a $5 Starbucks gift card for you and EACH OF YOUR FRIENDS!
*the new girl(s) must pre-register via the enrollment link , include your(your daughter’s name) in the “how you heard about us” section, show up, and have never attended a FGF prior to this month 🙂
Let me know if you have any questions FIERCE MOMS! Can’t wait to see you on NOVEMBER 10th!
PS… ENROLLMENT LINK FOR NOVEMBER (so I can plan accordingly for staff, snacks, and supplies)
PPS…FIERCE GIRLS FEEDBACK FORM … I would SO LOVE to hear more about what they love and not so much love, so I can keep making this event the best it can be! THANKS!!!





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