Have you ever heard of the 80/20 Rule? 
The premise is that approx. 80% of your outcomes (success, happiness, etc) comes from 20% of your actions/activities.

++ You can google this and read a million articles about it if you aren’t familiar with it, and see how it plays out in a variety of aspects of life … +++

but I mention it here in reference to the shift that I see your daughters making.
In Fierce Girls, we really
focus on the 20% of their activities and life that are going to produce 80% of their happiness and success. 
… learning to choose their thoughts (#beproactive) …
… and calm their minds and anxieties (through mindfulness, and yoga practices)…
… and own their strong, fierce, amazing personalities (through empowerment art and exercises) …
THESE are the 20% of skills that they need to learn to MULTIPLY all the other things they learn in school, clubs, and life. 
For example, when your daughter goes up to bat in a softball game, and she is able to choose to be calm, think about her own strength and focus, and feel empowered to “run like a girl” … she is going to be a MUCH better softball player than the girl who hasn’t learned – and doesn’t take the time to practice – these skills … these skills that are only 20% of what it takes to play sports well … but the 20% that makes the other 80% as good as it can be. 
This can apply to spelling and standardized tests, piano lessons, dealing with siblings, saying no to peer pressure … and SO.MANY. OTHER. life skills and obstacles.

THINK WIN WIN #habit4 … ask your daughter about the trick I played on their group with the “game”  … to help bring home this lesson! After they discovered it WASN’T a game, and they could have ALL done well if they had only worked cooperatively instead of competitively – we brainstormed a variety of situations where we NORMALLY think we need to “win” and someone else needs to “lose” … but how we can NOW think about these situations in ways where EVERYONE can win! (IT TAKES SOME PROBLEM SOLVING and CREATIVITY … but they can do it!)

YOGA – with Kristina Reese! Ask  your daughter to show your her “warrior” poses!

Sage sticks with Glow by Lola! The girls used their creativity to make individual and unique sage sticks (my girls’ room smells SO MUCH BETTER NOW) – as a tool to help them choose their thoughts, and recenter their minds, hearts and spirits when they become fearful or anxious. Have you seen your daughter taking deep breaths to enjoy the smell of the sage while focusing on her own unique beauty and personhood while holding or waving her sage stick?

DONNA DAVIS was our amazing leader/women/fierce girl interview this month. She is a lawyer who works for the states attorney’s office (WOW)! She shared about her winding path to law school. and why she loves what she does, but will also always be a teacher at heart (her first profession!) She also teaches excellent writing classes for elementary students, so if your daughter is interested in expanding her writing skills – I can pass along her info, just let me know!

Finally we worked on our personal affirmation as a group:


I encouraged the girls to hang their affirmation card somewhere they would see it each day (I hope they did!) and I shared more with them about ONE.org (check it out and have your daughter upload her number!) and More than Me – an organization that Be the Benchmark supports focusing on providing school opportunities for some of the 130 MILLION girls who do not attend school world-wide.

I am ALREADY looking forward to our next meeting on NOVEMBER 10th!
Hope to see you (and your daughter) there!!!

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