• Are you concerned that your daughter doesn’t have enough confidence to face the challenges of middle school or high school?
  • Do you worry that she might make unwise choices in the face of peer pressure?
  • Do you wonder if she has enough friends, or too many friends, or good SOLID friendships?
  • Do you wish your daughter was better able to communicate her feelings with your family?

These struggles and strains are not uncommon to teen girls and their parents (moms in particular).

And let’s face it, being a teen girl might be one of the most difficult roles on earth (next to being the PARENT of said teen girl).

Their minds are growing and changing in a way that is unparalleled since they were babies, and the habits and mindsets they form now can – and often do – follow them into adulthood, paving a path for the type of person they are going to become, and setting a stage for future relationships.

But here is a TRUTH BOMB: Your daughter is … quite simply … amazing.

What is so unfortunate is that in our world, she has to fight to believe this. Each and every day.

The noise of social media, peer pressure, academic expectations, and club activities … all while trying to discover and learn who she is … and who she wants to be…

It can be frustrating and overwhelming at times – even if she won’t admit it.

Often this frustration can contribute to emotional outbursts and difficulty communicating her true feelings – leaving parents to guess at the best tactics to use when attempting to nurture their once mild mannered, easy-going and sweet daughter.

The wonderful news is that with individualized, specific, and direct encouragement, well-timed advice from a seasoned mentor, a supportive community of girls who reject gossip and judgment, knowledge of effective communication and how their minds work – they can leverage the brain growth they are experiencing to for the maximum benefit of their future.

Be the Benchmark provides all of this (and more!) to help your daughter develop into the best version of herself as you navigate the trials of teen-dom together.


Resources Benchmark Girls learn to utilize as second nature (not an inclusive list):

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
    • Be Proactive
    • Keep first things first
    • Begin with the end in mind
    • Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    • This Win-Win
    • Synergize
    • Sharpen the Saw
  • Navigating Crucial Conversations (with parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and employers)
  • Utilizing Mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Goal setting
  • Growth Mindset (the power of …”yet”)
  • Journaling
  • Daily Gratitude Practice

During our Sunday afternoon meetings we:

  • Provide a supportive community that models effective communication and shares the highs and lows of each member’s week
  • Experience teaching from one of the various Benchmark Resources
  • Participate in research proven activities to increase confidence and reduce stress
  • Set weekly goals and keep one another accountable

Additionally Benchmark members receive:

  • Daily Benchmark text messages each morning with an encouraging and inspiring message to start each day with the right mindset
  • A place on the International Day of the Girl Planning Committee (a great experience and resume builder)
  • Monthly Role Model Meet-Ups with amazing local community women
  • ROCKSTAR members also receive a Monthly 1:1 mentor session for maximum accountability and growth, and discounts on additional 1:1 session each month


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