Dear Benchmark girls,

One of the easiest ways to have a Benchmark day, is to have a Benchmark morning… a morning (each morning) by which all other mornings are measured. This type of morning does not include pushing the snooze button (google sleep inertia), or rushing around like a crazy person trying ot get out of the house.

It DOES however include having a morning routine after a good rest.

Does having a morning routine sound …
A) Difficult
B) Impossible
C) Unrealistic
It really CAN be awesome … of course you have to CHOOSE to believe that and then give it a shot though!
There are a ga-zillion (well almost) blog posts and articles about WHY you should have a morning routine – all the way from “all the most successful people do” to “it gives your mind a break to not have to make so many decisions first thing in the morning” … and many other well thought out reasons… so I won’t get into all of that. If you are interested, just google it.
But I am going to challenge you to start your own morning routine, but just start REALLY REALLY SMALL (it is summer after all!).

Choose something simple but enjoyable to do as soon as you awaken … literally a 5 minute routine that you do EVERY MORNING (that doesn’t involve social media) to help your day get started right. It could be … doing some simple stretches while breathing deeply, reading from an inspirational text, writing in a journal, practicing gratitude, playing an instrument… anything that starts your day off peacefully and that edifies you.

Once you have mastered this 5 minute ritual (give it a couple of weeks), perhaps think about expanding to a few additional routines that will make your morning go more smoothly like picking out your clothes the night before, going to bed a few minutes earlier, packing your bag mindfully, having a morning checklist.

My routine includes: Writing in my five-minute-journal and reading an inspirational text – both before I brush my teeth. I am hoping to add some yoga stretches and meditation to the mix soon as well!
I would love to hear about your progress and if you think your routine is helping you to have a more productive and peaceful day. Let me know what you are doing via fb or insta, and be sure to include #benchmarkmorning!



PS … the earlier in life you start this habit … the easier it will be to maintain! <3

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