Be The Benchmark

What is Be the Benchmark About?

Be the Benchmark is about making sure every girl becomes the best version of herself.

♥ It’s about how amazing your daughter is – and making sure she wakes up EVERY morning with that knowledge.

♥ It’s about her confidence, her beauty, and her ability to conquer any challenge set before her.

♥ It’s about your daughter knowing herself – being comfortable in her skin.

♥ It’s about her wanting to share herself – her true self – with the world without reservation.

♥ It’s about looking in the mirror and being happy with who she sees looking back at her.

♥ It’s about taking risks and feeling fear but choosing to be brave anyway.

About Erin Tarr

Ready to have your daughter live an amazing life with confidence, moxy, and the ability to communicate without a phone in her hand?

My name is Erin Tarr, and I am here to help you with that, and so much more.

I love working with girls of all ages – helping them reveal and then TOTALLY OWN and ENJOY their own awesomeness.

Let me tell you about me and why teenage girls and their parents enjoy working with me.

As young girl growing up in southern Illinois I always thought I would grow up and teach in a public school, be an accountant, or dentist.

I truly thought those were about the only options available to me, and even after heading off to college – never really expanded my horizons to include other possibilities. I missed out on so many opportunities…

  • Friendship opportunities
  • Travel opportunities
  • Academic opportunities
  • Internship and job opportunities


erins_daughtersONE WORD… FEAR.

And this is why I launched Be the Benchmark! As a teen/tween confidence coach I help girls identify and overcome the mindsets that hold them back from achieving everything they are capable of in life, so they don’t miss the opportunities that will help them become the best version of themselves!

As an educator by trade and mother of three daughters (8, 5 & 1), I am dedicated to giving young girls everywhere the tools they need to develop confidence, communication, and conflict resolution skills that will ensure they live a life of limitless possibility.

Got Questions? Click HERE to set up a complimentary 1:1 meeting to find out more about Benchmark!

Through Benchmark I

  • shine light on their strengths
  • teach girls about themselves (and help them see they aren’t alone)
  • talk about how their brains work
  • let them know what research tells us about stress and anxiety (and how to avoid it)
  • give them tools to be better communicators
  • help them improve their relationships with parents and peers
  • help them envision their preferred future and the path to get there

Through Benchmark the girls

  • learn to love themselves for who they are
  • appreciate their own uniqueness
  • communicate in a mature manner
  • resolve conflicts directly and with creativity
  • make decisions for maximum benefit for their futures
  • understand how their talents can be used in a variety of ways

Ready to have your daughter live an amazing life with confidence, moxy, and the ability to communicate without a phone in her hand?

Enroll her in our Membership Program today.

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