Be the Benchmark mentors young girls to help them grow in confidence and become better communicators, so they can have happy and healthy futures.

Young Girls

Join us for our monthly Fierce Girls’ Friday in grades 3rd – 8th experience empowering activities designed to help them embrace their inner fierceness! Our mantra: “I choose my thoughts, to create my life, and change the world. I.AM.FIERCE!”



Join the (free) Benchmark Mod Squad Facebook Group – a group of moms dedicated to raising FIERCE daughters who are strong, confident, brave, and kind!

Ready To Be The Benchmark?

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Free Session

Schedule a coffee date with Erin to determine which Benchmark path is right for you! Click HERE for access to the Calendar.

Teenage Girls

Love who you are, have fun, make friends.


We want what you want for your daughter – confidence and a bright future!

1:1 Coaching : Maximum Progress

The quickest and most effective way to build confidence and conquer the next step on your daughter’s journey is through 1:1 coaching where she can learn how to claim her awesomeness and live it out daily.


Fearless Girls Friday – An evening of fun activities designed to help your daughter become a fearless, confident, assertive, goal-oriented and purposeful young woman! Click HERE for date and time.

For Girls Only : Benchmark Groups

With 3 gatherings per month, Benchmark Girls group members experience a host of benefits as they become the best version of themselves.

Benchmark Girls Are

Brave and Kind
Confident Communicators
Proactive and Positive
Aware of their unique strengths, passions, and personality
Ready to meet and conquer their fears
Happy, healthy, and hopeful about their future

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Free Session

You can meet Erin for a coffee date to determine which Benchmark path is right for you! Click HERE to access her schedule.

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Text me (click here for my number) or catch me on Snapchat (benchmarkgirl).

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