Benchmark Girls Are…

brave and kind

confident communicators

proactive & positive

aware of their unique strengths, passions, and personality

ready to meet and conquer their fears

happy, healthy, and hopeful about the future

  • Ready to Be the Benchmark?

    For Girls Only : Benchmark Groups

    Benchmark Girls’ Group Members experience a host of benefits as they become the best version of themselves. Three gatherings per month help her claim her awesomeness and learn to live life to its fullest, embracing her own unique passions and talents and refusing to give into peer pressure.

    1:1 Coaching : Maximum Progress

    The quickest and most effective way to build confidence and conquer the next step on your daughter’s journey is through 1:1 coaching where she can learn how to claim her awesomeness and live it out daily.

    She learns to be proactive, communicate with confidence, and lean into her own strengths and talents through weekly goal setting, accountability, and encouragement.

    Good, Better, Best Memberships

    Praise for Be the Benchmark

    I think the highest endorsement is that my daughter looked forward to the sessions. I was delighted with the subtle yet important results I saw in my daughter’s self-awareness and self-efficacy.

    A. Entrepreneur

    I see positive changes in my daughter’s confidence, courage, and communication. Thanks Erin!

    L. Homeschooler

    Erin’s approach was both personal and professional: she knew how to create an environment of trust so that the girls could identify their needs and goals through active-learning exercises.

    Annie University of Illinois
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